Absenteeism Rate Calculator

Absenteeism rate refers to how many average days an employer has absent in a company/factory/industry. Calculate absenteeism by the following absence calculator.

Employee Absenteeism Rate Calculator

Enter Absense days, Total employees, Working days and hit anywhere

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Absenteeism Rate Calculation Formula and Explanation:

Are you want to know that how our calculator calculates the absence rate, or you want to know that how is absenteeism calculated rate calculate manually on a calculator? If your answer is YES, then follow the below absence rate formula and our explanation.

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At first look the absenteeism percentage formula:

Absence rate= (absence days ÷ (total employees x working days)) x 100%

Now let’s explain by examples:

Suppose your startup/company has a total of 250 employees and their total absent days 100 and working days is 20. Now, look at how we calculated this.

=(100 ÷ (250 x 20)) x 100%

=0.02‬ x 100%


How Do You Calculate Absenteeism in Excel?

You can calculate absenteeism in excel. To calculate the absenteeism rate you need to 3 details:

  • Absence days
  • Total Employees
  • Working Days

Add these details on a2, a3, a4 cells or where you want. Then input the data I mean Absence Days like 100 days and others on b2, b3, b4 cells.

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Now type this formula where you want to show the absense rate.


=(B2/(B3 * B4)) * 100

Absenteeism rate formula Definition:

=(absence days / (total employees * Working days)) * 100

You can also see this image to better understand.

absenteeism rate calculator
absenteeism rate calculator

Or, you can use our free online calculator see above calculator.

How to calculate sickness absence rate

Sickness absence rate is the calculation of the number of days a person is absent from work due to illness. It’s an important measure of workplace health. If your sickness absence rate is high, it could mean your sick leave policy is inadequate or your staff are not asking for the right reasons for absence.

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At first divide the number of days/hours lost by the number that should have been worked. Multiply this result by 100.

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