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CPC is the abbreviation of cost per click & it is related to online marketing or advertisements; it works as a website or product link & keeps noticing how many people have encountered the thing. The cost per click calculator works to determine the impression or cost per click of a link; that’s how you can make money.

I think you have visited this webpage by searching cpc calculator on google. Now use the free google cpc calculator from AllOnlineTools website.

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What is a CPC Calculation used for?

See the list of uses of a CPC calculation given below:

  • You can set an average CPC which will be indeed less than your maximum cost per click; please maintain the amount.
  • The CPC calculation will let you guess the average income from a website or advertisements; that’s how you can assume how much to invest there.
  • You can use this CPC cost calculator as a AdWords budget calculator.

What is a good CPC rate?

I have searched online for a lot of CPC estimator and find the following good ones…
CPC rate/CPA rate

  • CPC rate = Cost per click / Total clicks on website
  • CPA rate = Cost per acquisition / Total number of sales
  • For ecommerce site, CPC typically means cost per sale.
  • For non-ecommerce site, CPC usually means Cost per acquisition.
  • For blog, CPC means Cost per click.
  • For online magazine, CPC means Cost per click.
  • For email, CPC means Cost per click.
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CPC rate is very important in internet marketing, because it tells you how much money you can make by clicking on link advertisements on your website or blog.

For most of the businesses a good CPC rate 20%.

Average cost per click by industry

IndustryAverage CTR (Search)
 Advocacy 4.41%
 Auto 4.00%
 B2B 2.41%
 Consumer Services 2.41%
 Dating & Personals 6.05%
 E-Commerce 2.69%
 Education 3.78%
 Employment Services 2.42% 
 Finance & Insurance 2.91%
 Health & Medical 3.27%
 Home Goods 2.44%
 Industrial Services 2.61%
 Legal 2.93%
 Real Estate 3.71%
 Technology 2.09%
 Travel & Hospitality 4.68%
google adwords cost per click calculator

Average cost per click by country

Country nameCPC
United States1.05$
United Kingdom0.73$

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