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Are you an athlete in the basketball, baseball, or football industry? Then you may know that you need to know how many assists you give to a team in a season, and how many points you score to a team per game, among other things. If you are looking for an online calculator to help you calculate these stats, then you have come to the right place. Now use our assist to turnover ratio calculator.

Assist To Turnover Ratio Calculator

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Assist to Turnover:

What is Assist to Turnover Ratio?

The assist to turnover ratio is one of the basketball statistics used to assess the ball control and ball-handling capacity of a player.

The formula’s expression is that it divides the total number of assists a player has caught in a game by the number of turnovers the player has carried out in the same game. The players claim a turnover when a player with control of the ball loses possession due to a breach or an opposing player.

On the other hand, an assist refers to the condition when the player passes the ball to another player who then scores. Generally, a player who creates more assists and fewer turnovers have better ball control. Thus, a greater Assist to Turnover Ratio measures more control on the ball, while a lower score indicates less control on the ball.

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Purpose of the Assist to Turnover Ratio:

  • It evaluates the control of a player on the ball.

How to calculate assist to turnover ratio

Follow the below formula to calculate the assistor to turnover ratio manually.

Assist to turnover ratio = Assists ÷ Turnovers


Assist to turnover ratio= 50 ÷ 5

AST/TO = 10

Best Assist to Turnover Ratio NBA History

The assist to turnover ratio is a basketball statistic that measures the number of assists a player records against the number of turnovers. It is calculated by dividing a player’s total assists by their total number of turnovers.

In the NBA, assists are counted as the last pass leading to a score by a teammate (except for alley-oops), and turnovers are recorded when a player loses control of the ball.

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Assist to turnover ratio is a measure of how well a basketball player assists his teammates while turning over the ball very little. This is seen as a sign of good court vision and passing ability.

The best assist to turnover ratio in NBA history is held by Steve Nash. In his career, he assisted 13,486 players while giving up the ball 896 times.

John Stockton150415,8064,24431.813.12.710.,76419,7114,0513,2653153,9422941
Jason Kidd139112,0914,0033612.,11117,5298,7252,6844502,5723868
Steve Nash121710,3353,47831.314.338.,06917,3873,6428991021,9825043
Mark Jackson129610,3343,15530.29.63.881.,12112,4894,9631,6081172,230402
Chris Paul109010,2752,62134.618.,75719,9784,9232,3321522,6665456
Magic Johnson90610,1413,50636.719.,24517,7076,5591,7243742,050
LeBron James13109,6964,59238.2277.,05635,3679,7512,0639822,3957126
Isiah Thomas9799,0613,68236.319.,51618,8223,4781,8612492,971
Gary Payton13358,9663,03035.316.,11721,8135,2692,4452853,2171928
Andre Miller13048,5243,12130.912.,26816,2784,7951,5462272,882810
Russell Westbrook9438,0613,89334.723.,74621,8576,9611,6242932,4513190
Rod Strickland10947,9872,86230.713.,63414,4634,0841,6162152,048-270
Rajon Rondo9187,4142,51830.4104.,8739,1514,2411,4881191,9411443
Maurice Cheeks11017,3922,26831.611.,84512,1953,0882,3102942,258
Terry Porter12747,1602,66627.812.,35415,5863,8721,5831812,2031405
Tim Hardaway8677,0952,48135.317.,62615,3732,8551,4281292,0271691
Tony Parker12547,0362,86530.515.,27919,4733,3961,053982,0595690
Deron Williams8456,8192,40234.,86513,8042,6198672062,1321013
Muggsy Bogues8896,7261,43328.,4296,8582,3181,369391,582-40
Kevin Johnson7356,7112,25834.,06113,1272,4041,0821761,541348
Derek Harper11996,5772,33431.513.,78616,0062,8841,9573042,755-353
Stephon Marbury8466,4712,54737.719.337.,89116,2972,5161,0221212,014-1016
Reggie Theus10266,4533,49333.718.,60319,0153,3491,2062363,008
Norm Nixon7686,3862,36835.515.,25012,0651,9911,187711,983
Kobe Bryant13466,3064,01036.1255.,63733,6437,0471,9446403,3534153

Best assist to turnover ratio nba 2021

1Tyus JonesMemphis GrizzliesPG5.5
2Monte MorrisDenver NuggetsPG4.6
3Jevon CarterPhoenix SunsPG4.5
4Chris PaulPhoenix SunsPG4
5Ricky RubioMinnesota TimberwolvesPG3.9
6Ish SmithWashington WizardsPG3.9
7Jordan McLaughlinMinnesota TimberwolvesPG3.8
8Kira Lewis Jr.New Orleans PelicansPG3.6
9Devonte’ GrahamCharlotte HornetsPG3.6
10Frank KaminskyPhoenix SunsPF3.5
11DeMar DeRozanSan Antonio SpursSG3.5
12Fred VanVleetToronto RaptorsPG3.5
13Cameron PaynePhoenix SunsPG3.4
14Jimmy ButlerMiami HeatPF3.4
15Tyrese HaliburtonSacramento KingsPG3.4
16Delon WrightSacramento KingsPG3.3
17T.J. McConnellIndiana PacersPG3.3
18Mike ConleyUtah JazzPG3.3
19Al HorfordOklahoma City ThunderC3.2
20Kevon LooneyGolden State WarriorsPF3.2
21CJ McCollumPortland Trail BlazersSG3.2
22Malachi FlynnToronto RaptorsPG3.2
23Facundo CampazzoDenver NuggetsPG3.2
24Saben LeeDetroit PistonsPG3.2
25Dejounte MurraySan Antonio SpursPG3.1
26Jalen BrunsonDallas MavericksPG3
27Kyle AndersonMemphis GrizzliesSF2.9
28Kevin HuerterAtlanta HawksSG2.9
29Nicolas BatumLos Angeles ClippersSG2.9
30Tyrese MaxeyPhiladelphia 76ersPG2.9
31D.J. AugustinHouston RocketsPG2.9
32Malcolm BrogdonIndiana PacersSG2.9
33Draymond GreenGolden State WarriorsPF2.9
34Brandon ClarkeMemphis GrizzliesPF2.9
35Jrue HolidayMilwaukee BucksPG2.8
36Tomas SatoranskyChicago BullsSG2.8
37Derrick WhiteSan Antonio SpursPG2.8
38Bogdan BogdanovicAtlanta HawksSG2.8
39Marcus SmartBoston CelticsPG2.8
40James HardenBrooklyn NetsSG2.8
41Joe InglesUtah JazzSF2.7
42Mikal BridgesPhoenix SunsSF2.7
43Derrick RoseNew York KnicksPG2.7
44Cory JosephDetroit PistonsPG2.7
45Kyle LowryToronto RaptorsPG2.7
46Raul NetoWashington WizardsPG2.7
46Reggie JacksonLos Angeles ClippersPG2.7
48Chuma OkekeOrlando MagicPF2.7
49Brandon GoodwinAtlanta HawksPG2.6
50Rajon RondoLos Angeles ClippersPG2.6
51Nikola JokicDenver NuggetsC2.6
52Damian LillardPortland Trail BlazersPG2.6
53Terance MannLos Angeles ClippersSG2.6
54Garrison MathewsWashington WizardsSG2.6
55Lonzo BallNew Orleans PelicansPG2.6
56Ty JeromeOklahoma City ThunderSG2.6
57Devin VassellSan Antonio SpursSG2.5
58Kyrie IrvingBrooklyn NetsPG2.5
59Seth CurryPhiladelphia 76ersSG2.5
60Denzel ValentineChicago BullsSG2.5
61Trey BurkeDallas MavericksPG2.5
62Russell WestbrookWashington WizardsPG2.5
63Kawhi LeonardLos Angeles ClippersSF2.5
64Dean WadeCleveland CavaliersSF2.5
65Patty MillsSan Antonio SpursPG2.5
66Brad WanamakerCharlotte HornetsSG2.5
67Ben SimmonsPhiladelphia 76ersSG2.4
68Caris LeVertIndiana PacersSG2.4
69De’Aaron FoxSacramento KingsPG2.4
70Jae CrowderPhoenix SunsSF2.4
71Pat ConnaughtonMilwaukee BucksSG2.4
72Payton PritchardBoston CelticsPG2.4
73Blake GriffinBrooklyn NetsPF2.4
74Eric BledsoeNew Orleans PelicansPG2.4
75Juan Toscano-AndersonGolden State WarriorsSF2.3
76Trae YoungAtlanta HawksPG2.3
77Terry RozierCharlotte HornetsPG2.3
78Austin RiversDenver NuggetsPG2.3
79Naji MarshallNew Orleans PelicansPF2.3
80Kemba WalkerBoston CelticsPG2.3
81Alec BurksNew York KnicksSG2.3
82Ja MorantMemphis GrizzliesPG2.3
83Royce O’NealeUtah JazzSF2.3
84Justin HolidayIndiana PacersSF2.2
85Josh HartNew Orleans PelicansSG2.2
86Wesley MatthewsLos Angeles LakersSG2.2
87D’Angelo RussellMinnesota TimberwolvesPG2.2
88Marc GasolLos Angeles LakersC2.2
89Donte DiVincenzoMilwaukee BucksSG2.2
90Cedi OsmanCleveland CavaliersSF2.2
91Damyean DotsonCleveland CavaliersSG2.2
92Luke KennardLos Angeles ClippersSG2.2
93Harrison BarnesSacramento KingsSF2.2
94Reggie BullockNew York KnicksSG2.1
95Jamal MurrayDenver NuggetsSG2.1
96Garrett TempleChicago BullsSG2.1
97Anfernee SimonsPortland Trail BlazersSG2.1
98Nikola VucevicChicago BullsC2.1
99Dennis SchroderLos Angeles LakersPG2.1
100LaMelo BallCharlotte HornetsPG2.1

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