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Here is a quick and easy way to calculate the average unsubscribe rate for your email campaigns. To get started, just enter the following information in the calculator’s fields: the total number of subscribers you had, the number of people who unsubscribed from your newsletter.

The calculator will automatically calculate the unsubscribed percentage from your email newsletter.

Average Unsubscribe Rate Calculator

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About Unsubscribe Rate Calculator:

  • Use this free online unsubscribe rate calculator
  • It will help you calculate how many people will unsubscribe from your mailing list.
  • When you get a new mailing list, you can use the unsubscribe rate calculator to calculate how many people will unsubscribe from your list so that you will know how many emails you should send to your list every day in order to prevent people from unsubscribing.
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How to Calculate Unsubscribe Rate?

Do you run a web-based business, or did you receive an email with an unsubscribe link that did not click? If so, you may be wondering how to calculate unsubscribe rate?

The unsubscribe rate refers to the number of unsubscribing users from a mailing list or email marketing campaign, divided by the number of total recipients. To get this rate, divide the number of unsubscribed customers by the number of delivered emails in the first place.

If you want to calculate unsubscribe rate then follow the below unsubscribe rate formula.

Unsub Rate= (Unsubscribes ÷ Delivered Emails) × 100

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How to Reduce Unsubscribe Rate?

As a marketer, you always want to grow the number of people subscribed to your e-newsletter, but have you ever thought about reducing unsubscribe rate? This is important because if you don’t have a good unsubscribe rate; you might not be in business for a long time.

While some marketers will focus on increasing their click rate, an unsubscribe rate of less than 5% should be your goal. If your unsubscribe rate is higher than 5%, assess your approach and make the changes necessary to reduce your unsubscribe rate.

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Follow the below tips and reduce unsubscribe rate.

  • Create Useful (and Relevant!) Content
  • Craft Great Subject Lines
  • Personalize
  • Optimize for Mobile
  • Exclusive Content, Offer Discounts, Incentives
  • Ask for Feedback
  • Segment Subscribers
  • Don’t send too many
  • Don’t be boring

What is the average unsubscribe rate for emails:

In email Average unsubscribe rate between 0.2% to 0.5%, according to most digital marketing experts.

What might be the cause of a high Unsubscribe rate

Are you looking for the answer why is my unsubscribe rate so high? Follow the below list and solve your problem.

The unsubscribe rate, also known as the opt-out rate, is a measurement of how many people unsubscribe from your email list. It’s important to keep an eye on your unsubscribe rate because it’s one of the most direct ways to gauge the health of your email marketing program.

As you work to keep your rate low, it’s important to understand the reason behind this metric. There are many reasons an unsubscribe might be necessary. Here are a few of the most common:

  1. Wrong email segment
  2. Email fatigue
  3. Not understanding the buyer’s cycle
  4. Irrelevant content
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How to calculate email campaign ROI

How do you know if an email campaign was successful? Many companies simply count the number of clicks an ad generates or the number of signups generated from a particular mailing. But this method doesn’t consider whether those leads or clicks were worthwhile.

A better method is average unsubscribe rate for email campaigns to calculate email campaign ROI is to divide the number of leads or sales by the cost of the campaign. The resulting number is the return on investment for the campaign. Compare this number to your original return on investment goals and you can determine whether the campaign was successful.

How to calculate the unsubscribe rate of any list in Mailchimp

Mailchimp is a cloud-based email automation service. It has an online calculator that calculates the unsubscribe rate of any list in Mailchimp as easy as 1-2-3.

The Subscriber Statistics report will give you the answer to the question, “How many of my subscribers have unsubscribed from my list?” The report includes the number of subscribers that have subscribed to your list, and the number of total subscribers that have been on your list for a specific time period.

To find the unsubscribe rate, divide the number of unsubscribed subscribers by the total number of subscribers, and then multiple by 100 to get a percentage.

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