Best Background Color For Planted Aquarium

A planted aquarium can be a beautiful addition to any home. There are many different colors of plants that can be used in a planted aquarium, but the best background color for a planted aquarium is black.

Black creates a dramatic backdrop for the brightly colored plants in your aquarium and makes them really stand out. It also gives the illusion of depth, making your tank look larger than it actually is. Another benefit of using black as your background color is that it helps to camouflage any equipment or cords that may be visible in your tank.

If you’re looking to create a beautiful and vibrant planted aquarium, then consider using black as your background color!


There is no one “best” background color for planted aquariums, as different hues can create different effects and atmospheres in the tank. However, some colors are more popular than others among aquarists who want to create a lush and verdant underwater garden.

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Black is often cited as the best background color for planted tanks, as it creates a stark contrast against the brightly-colored plants and fish. This makes the aquatic life stand out more prominently, adding to the visual appeal of the aquarium. Some aquarists also believe that black backgrounds make it easier to see any problems with plant growth or algae accumulation.

Another popular option is dark green or blue backgrounds. These shades help to camouflage unsightly equipment in the tank while providing a natural backdrop for aquatic flora and fauna. They can also make smaller fish appear larger by comparison, making them an attractive addition to any home aquarium set-up.

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