BMI Calculator – Am I Overweight?

BMI means body mass index that is a health indicator that lets you know an individual’s nutritional status. The calculation units are quite different; you can take a person’s body weight in pounds instead of kilogram & height in inches instead of meter.

You can divide the body weight in pounds with the square of inches & get the BMI results at once; operating the calculator is not challenging. You can measure the body mass index by this BMI calculator app.

BMI calculator

Your BMI:
< 18.5
Normal weight
18.5 – 25
25 – 30
> 30
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What Are the Uses of BMI Calculator Using Pounds & Inches?

  • You can determine if a person is underweight, overweight, or obese & what type of nutritional status he/she has from the BMI.
  • A dietitian can suggest a person suitable diet charts to his/her patients by calculating BMI with a calculator.

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