Calculate Age Based on Date of Birth

Well, you may have counted the age of a person by the present year & the one he or she was born in; however, but what is the calculator that needs the exact date of birth? Well, you can either buy it or access the online calculator to know the exact age even by days or months.

The calculation is pretty easy, especially when it’s online because there you have to input your date of birth & next the present date; therefore, you have to click on the results to get the exact age.

Online Free Age Calculator

Insert Date of Birth and hit anywhere

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Age Details:

Age in Words:
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What are the uses of calculating age based on date of birth?

Let’s see the uses of calculating age based on date of birth:

  • You may need to calculate the age this way for either official works, academic purposes, or other important things.
  • You may need your exact age based on your date of birth for several medical purposes.

FAQ Answers:

  1. How to Calculate Age in dd/mm/yyyy?

    At first, type your birthday on the upper form date of birth, then type month, then the year.
    Supposed your DOB 15 December, 2002 then use this format 15-12-2002

  2. What is the formula for calculating age with a variable date of birth in Excel?

    This formula =INT((TODAY()-B2)/365) can give you the exact age.
    Type DOB on B2 cell and follow the format month/day/year. Example: 12 months 15 day, 2002 year so your format is: 12/15/2002.

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