Calories Burned Bowling Calculator

It’s a pretty sweet feeling when you get a strike, and you want to make sure that you’ve technically earned it by burning the most amount of calories possible. Fortunately, this calculator will help you do exactly that!

Select the weights of each of your bowling balls from the drop-down menus and watch the calorie count rise. Not only are you burning massive amounts of calories, but you’re getting a good upper body workout as well.

Calories Burned Bowling Calculator

Enter Weight and Total Time of Bowling and hit Calculate button
Calories Burned Bowling Calculation Results
Your Weight 68 kilograms
Total time of bowling 60 Minutes
Metabolic Equivalent (MET) 7.00
Calories Burned during bowling 500
image 8

How many calories does bowling burn?

Your bowling team has just won a game and everyone is patting each other’s backs for a good time. The next day, you feel pretty sore, so you decide to go online and Google “How many calories does bowling burn?”. The results of your search show a lot of different calculators, with many different answers.

How do you know which one is right? Luckily, you found, a website that provides free online calculators. The Bowling Calorie Calculator on will calculate how many calories you burned while bowling.

Bowling used to be a very popular sport in the United States, but over the last few decades, its popularity has declined substantially.

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If you’re a bit nostalgic, and you love nothing more than gathering your friends for a game of bowling, you may be surprised to learn that bowling is a great workout, even if you don’t play for score (You can use a bowling calculator to figure out how many calories you burn in a game).

Is bowling a good workout?

Bowling is a great workout, especially if you do it often. Depending on what type of bowling you do, you can burn anywhere from 300 to 500 calories per hour. The average person burns about 200 calories per hour bowling, and the more you throw the more calories you burn. Not only that, but it also gives you a good workout for your muscles and joints, and it can improve your balance, coordination, and even flexibility.

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What type of exercise is bowling?

The short answer is Cardiovascular Endurance.

When you think of bowling, you typically think of a fun pastime, but did you know that bowling is a full body workout? Bowling does more than just strengthen muscle and improve cardiovascular health: it also improves flexibility and balance, and it even boosts mental health!

That’s why bowling is often the perfect workout for the whole family. To get the most out of bowling, however, you need to understand more about how the game works.

How many calories do you burn bowling for an hour?

I burned 300 calories an hour by bowling.

If you’re trying to find out how many calories you burn bowling for an hour, you’re not alone. Bowling is a great form of exercise, and depending on how hard you play can help you to burn calories and lose weight. Sometimes just walking to the lane is enough to work up a sweat.

So how many calories do you burn bowling for an hour? The answer depends on a number of factors, including your weight, frame size, age, sex, and the intensity of your game. A good rule of thumb is that you will burn more calories the more vigorously you play.

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