Calories Burned Cycling Calculator

The Calories Burned Cycling Calculator is an online calculator that will help you estimate calories burned during cycling, using your weight, the duration of your ride, and your cycling activity type. Various health experts have various opinions about how many calories are burned during a cycle, and there are various factors that affect the number of calories burned during cycling, such as your weight, your cycling type, duration, etc.

Calories Burned Bowling Calculator

Enter Weight and Total Time of Bowling and hit Calculate button
Calories Burned Cycling Calculation Results
Your Weight 68 kilograms
Total time of cycling 60 Minutes
Metabolic Equivalent (MET) 7.00
Calories Burned during cycling 500
image 8

Can you lose belly fat by cycling?

The short answers is: Yes, you can lose belly fat by cycling.

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A lot of people think riding a bike is a good way to lose belly fat, but is it really? Well, there are a lot of studies that suggest this is true.

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