Cost Per Day Calculator

This CPD calculator is made for advertisers who gave ADs online. The cost per day calculator can give you the average daily budget for your campaign.

Cost per Day Calculator

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Cost per Day Calculation

Cost Per Day:

The Cost per Day Calculator is a useful online tool that can find the cost of a project (advertisement or any other) or item when the price is spread out over a certain period.

For example, if you want to know how much a holiday in Egypt would cost if broken down to daily costs, this calculator can work it out. All you have to do is enter the total cost of the holiday, the days you want to split the cost over, and the exchange rate.

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How to Calculate Cost Per Day for Advertising?

Cost per day is the total cost of an activity divided by the number of days it took to complete the activity. In this case, we are calculating how much it cost per day for our client. The formula can be written as: Total Cost / Total Days = COST PER DAY So, if our client spent a total of $1,000 in ads, and it took them 10 days to get their results, then their cost per day would be $100.

If you want to calculate the CPD for your AD campaign on social media or any other platform, follow the below formula to calculate the CPD manually.

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CPD= Total AD Budget ÷ Total Days

How to Calculate Cost Per Day in Excel?

While there are numerous online calculators that can help you determine your per-day expenses, there are some you can add to your Microsoft Excel spreadsheet to obtain this information whenever you need it. For example, you can use the CostPerDay function in Excel to calculate how much you spend per day on your eating and drinking habits. This function is also helpful when you want to compare your per-day expenses to your monthly or annual expenses.

If you are looking to calculate the cost per day of something, you can use a simple formula in Excel. First, you must decide what you want to calculate cost per day for. The formula will work for any daily cost.

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You might want to calculate the cost per day of groceries you buy every week at the store, for example. You can then choose to output the results as a daily cost, or you can compare how much you are spending every month. In this example, you can calculate how much you spend every day.

If you want to calculate cost per day in excel instead of online calculator app/software then make a table like the below table.

1Total Spend on AD $                      
2Total Day:
3Cost Per Day:=B1/B2

Just enter the formula on B3 cell. The formula is: =B1/B2

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