Cost Per Engagement Calculator

The cost per engagement calculator (CPE) is an engagement measurement tool that helps you to know the cost that you are paying for each engagement that you receive on Facebook, Twitter or any other network. You can calculate the cost per engagement (CPE) using the following calulator.

Cost Per Engagement Calculator

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  • It will help you to track your results for a specific ad campaign.

What is cost per engagement?

The Cost per Engagement (CPE) metric is a useful way of measuring the cost of your advertising on social media. The term ‘engagement’ refers to the number of actions that your target audience takes when exposed to your ad.

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While a cost per action (CPA) metric focuses on the number of conversions achieved, a CPE focuses on the number of actions a user takes after seeing your ad. The higher the number of actions a user takes, the more successful your ad is likely to be.

Formula: How do you calculate engagement rate?

If you want to know that how to calculate engagement rate then follow the below formula to calculate it manually. Otherwise use our free calculator and get result within 2-3 seconds.

Cost Per Engagement= Total Spent on AD ÷ Total Engagements


How to calculate cost per engagement on Instagram

Calculating the cost per engagement on Instagram is very simple and easy. At first glance, you might think that there is no way to figure this. However, you will be surprised by how easy it is.

You can do it with the help of a few simple steps: first, create a list of all your Instagram followers and their engagement; then you can simply divide the total costs that you have spent on your Instagram account with the number of your followers and that will give you the average amount of engagement that you get.

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Online calculators are an excellent tool for calculating cost per engagement on Instagram or any other metric. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below in the feedback section.

When do you need to calculate cost per engagement?

The cost-per-engagement (CPE) model is similar to cost-per-click (CPC), but it’s applied to a different kind of advertising medium. When you’re advertising on the web, you’re engaging people who are looking for information.

So, instead of paying for each click you receive, you pay for each engagement you receive. (And since you’re paying for engagement, not clicks, you’re more likely to be charged for visitors who don’t convert.)

Working with a freelancer? Calculate how much you should pay them. Working with a marketing agency? Calculate the cost of your next campaign. Working as an entrepreneur? Calculate how much you should spend on social media advertising.

What is a good price per engagement?

A business buys advertising and marketing when it wants to attract new customers to boost sales. This is a costly proposition in most cases, so the business owner will want to make sure that the campaign is successful.

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There is no way to guarantee this success, but one way to improve the odds is to measure and analyze the cost of each new customer in a given campaign. To do this, you need to understand the concept of price per engagement.

As with most marketing terms, there is no one standard definition of price per engagement. Generally, it refers to the cost of an ad campaign per engagement made by a customer. Engagements can be buying something, like a page, following a person on social media, or any other activity.

3 ways to improve Instagram engagement rate

Everyone wants to be more popular on Instagram. And if you’re an online tool website, like AllOnlineTools, you expect all your readers to want to be popular on Instagram as well! Here are some tried and true ways to engage your audience on this social media platform:

Instagram Engagement
image credit: sprout social
  1. Prop your account up by using a popular hashtag. The more people that use the hashtag, the more your image will be seen.
  2. Make sure that your profile is complete. This includes posts, profile pictures, names, and bio.
  3. Share other people’s images with your followers. This is an excellent way to up your engagement rate  (and get more followers in the process).
Instagram engagement tips infographic
credit: visme