Cricket Batting Average Calculator

In cricket, a player’s batting average is the total amount of runs they have obtained until they have been out. The batting average of a batsman is an important piece of statistic to measure the individual player’s capacity as a batsman in cricket.

Cricket Batting Average Calculator

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What is Batting Average in Cricket?

People also use the statistic to rank different cricket batsmen. The total number of scores divided by the time out is the expression of the formula of Batting Average in Cricket. Players hope to master a good Batting Average that indicates a player is taking more runs comparing to the time they got out.

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Players, on average, consider a batting average of 43 – 45 as a good batting average. However, the batting average can often change over time depending on a player’s form.

Purpose of Batting Average in Cricket:

  • To measure a batsman’s batting skill in the game of cricket.
  • To rank different cricketers.

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