Cricket Bowling Average Calculator

A player’s bowling average is the total amount of runs they have offered per wicket taken in cricket. It is one of the popular statistics to rank bowlers, commonly used alongside the economy rate and the strike rate to judge the overall performance of a bowler.

Cricket Bowling Average Calculator

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Bowling Average Calculation

Bowling Average:

What is Bowling Average in Cricket?

Run offered divided by the wicket is the expression of the Bowling Average. A lower bowling average indicates that the bowler is taking more wickets and giving fewer runs.

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Therefore, players expect to have fewer bowling averages. On the other hand, a higher bowling average indicates that a bowler takes fewer wickets with fewer runs. However, the bowling average can be high or low and even unstable. Because a bowler may take fewer wickets now, but the situation can change over time.

Purpose of the Bowling Average in Cricket:

  • This cricket bowling average calculator will assist in measuring the bowlers’ performance.

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