Cricket Net Run Rate Calculator

Net Run Rate refers to a cricket statistic used to evaluate cricket players’ performance. It compares runs scores with the number of overs faced. That means Net Run Rate is the average run rate per over that a team has gained, minus the average runs per over that the opponent has achieved.

Cricket Net Run Rate Calculator

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Cricket Net Run Rate Calculation

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What is Net Run Rate in Cricket?

In opposition to other well-known batting averages, the net run rate is used to judge a whole cricket team’s competency rather than that of a single cricket player.

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People use this cricket statistic when ranking different cricket teams with a uniform number of points in a restricted overs league contest. However, football players also use the Net Run Rate to compare goal differences.

A higher Net Run Rate indicates that a team is scoring swiftly than its opponent team. On the other hand, a lower Net Run Rate indicates that the team is gaining fewer scores than their opponent.

Purpose of the Net Run Rate: 

  • To evaluate a cricket team’s skill and performance.
  • To compare scores between two cricket teams.

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