Click-To Open Rate Calculator

Click-to Open Rate Calculator can help you to measure the percentage of your sending email that subscriber opened and then clicked your link.

Click to Open Rate Calculator

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What is Click to Open Rate?

Click to Open Rate is commonly familiar with the name CTOR. It is a statistic mostly used in email marketing.

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Click to Open Rate is the percentage of particular clicks and specific opens for an email campaign. In other words, it showcases the percentage of people who entered into an email and then snapped on a link in that email.

Therefore, Click to Open Rate measures how convincing and attractive your content is relative to the standard of your target list. If the email content can effectively perform, then more people will click onto learn more about the content within the email.

The higher the percentage is, the more convinced the people are what they saw in that mail. Generally, people consider higher than 14.1% as an average of Click to Open Rate as an outstanding benchmark.

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Purpose of Click to Open Rate:

  • To measure the percentage of particular clicks and specific opens for email campaigns.
  • To judge the quality of the email message to convince the target audience.

How Do You Calculate Click To Open Rate?

If you want to know the process how to calculate click to open rate that rules follow our free calculator. Then look at the below formula:

CTOR = (Total Clicks x 100) ÷  Total Opens

Click-to-Open Rate Vs Click Through Rate:

Click-To-Open Rate means how many users opened your email and also clicked on your link oppositely Click Through Rate (CTR) means how many users clicked on your call-to-action link.

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