Engineering Careers A-Z

Engineering is a broad field that encompasses a variety of occupations and career paths. From Aeronautical Engineering to Zoology, a wide range of engineering careers are available to those with the right skills, experience and qualifications.

Aeronautical Engineering involves the design and development of aircraft and spacecraft, while Biomedical Engineering focuses on the development of medical equipment and software.

Engineering Careers Alphabetical Order

A: Air and Space Engineers
Make planes and space crafts
B: Biomedical Engineers
Make advances in technology for health.
C: Civil Engineers
Design and build tunnels and bridges
D: Development Engineers
Development engineers identify a company’s goals to conceptualize, design, and also test a new product or product series.
E: Electrical Engineers
Design electrical wires and electrical poles
F: Food Engineers
Make food processing machines
G: Genetic Engineers
Manipulate and study DNA
H: Highway Engineers
Design highways and flow of traffic
I: Insulation Engineer
Insulate houses and buildings
J: Jet Engineer
Make jet engines
K: Kinetic Engineer
Deal with movements humans make
L: Lighting Engineer
Supervise lighting manufacturing
M: Medical Engineer
Make tools for doctors
N: Nuclear Engineer
Design nuclear power plants
O: Oil Engineer
Design oil mining machines
P: Paper Engineer
Make paper making machines
Q: Quality Engineer
Makes sure an item is of good quality
R: Railroad Engineer
Designs components for railroads
S: Structural Engineer
Makes sure building are structurally strong.
T: Technology Engineer
Design phones and how they transmit data and voice to one another
U: Utilities Engineer
Responsible for making sure your utilities are available
V: Veterinarian Engineer
Makes medicine suitable for animals
W: Water and Sewer Engineer
Oversees water quality and sewage treatment
X: X-ray Engineer
Designs X-ray machines to view bodies
Y: Yield Engineer
Test the stress point of material
Z: Zoologist Engineer
Building new exhibits for endangered or rare animals such as a tiger.
 Engineering Careers
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