Field Goal Percentage Calculator

In baseball statistics, Field goal percentage is the ratio of field goals aimed to field goals attempted.  It does not allow free throw attempts or baskets. It is similar to “shooting percentage” metrics used in Hockey or Soccer.

Field Goal Percentage Calculator

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What is the Field Goal Percentage?

Field goal percentage is basically a performance statistic that can assist to show a player’s ability independent of pure scoring. This statistic commonly uses the scale .000 to 1.000 instead of using scales of 0 to 100%.

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The expression of the formula is field goals made divided by field goals attempted. A higher field goal percentage indicates higher efficiency. In basketball, a Field Goal Percentage of .500 (50%) or above is considered a good percentage, although players don’t use this criterion all the time equally.

Purpose of the Field Goal Percentage Calculator:

  • To calculate the field goal percentage in baseball statistics.
  • To evaluate a player’s ability independent of pure scoring.

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