Free Throw Probability Calculator

In basketball, a free-throw is an uncontested attempt to score points from behind the free-throw line. Free throw percentage reports a player’s successful free throws in accordance with their total attempts.

Free Throw Probability Calculator

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FT Percentage Calculation

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What is Free Throw Percentage?

In basketball, a player gets an offer of a free throw when another player of another team fouls him. The number of free throws depends on where the player was being fouled on the court. When a player gets the opportunity of a free throw, the shooter makes the shot from behind the free-throw line. To legitimize as a free throw percentage leader, the player must have at least 125 free throws produced.

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 Each successful free throw is worth 1 point. However, Free Throws Made divided by Free Throw Attempts multiply 100 is the formula to count Free Throw Percentage.

Purpose of the Free Throw Percentage:

  • To measure the free throw percentage of a player.
  • To measure fouls in a game.

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