Graffiti Captions & Quotes for Instagram

There’s something about a graffiti caption for Instagram that just catches your eye. Whether it’s a witty saying or a work of art, it’s a great way to add some personality to your feed. Plus, it’s a great way to show off your creative side. If you’re looking for some inspiration, here are some of our favorite graffiti captions for Instagram.

Graffiti Quotes and Captions For Instagram

  • Nothing feels more New York than making your way through the subway stations.
  • Let your creative soul show through your work!
  • I would have stayed longer to admire this, but I’m running late to my heart attack
  • I was taking a stroll through the concrete jungle.
  • Good things take time. Be patient.
  • Don’t just snap. Create.
  • Urban screen is a fresh new way to enjoy outdoor advertising.
  • The world is full of magic—you just have to find it.
  • Here’s to the artists who make our city more beautiful.
  • The possibilities are endless (and colorful) when we put our minds to them. Let’s break through together!
  • Graffiti for the soul, for the mind, for the heart, for all.
  • When you have to leave so quickly because a homie just called and told you there is free food.
  • This is graffiti done right
  • Don’t let its location fool you: this place has been featured in art galleries and museums all over the world.
  • My favorite thing about city living is that you can paint your town red.
  • You never know what you’ll find in the Big Apple.
  • Whether the paint is your only outlet or simply your favourite, we find it in our hearts to celebrate you. You do you.
  • All we are saying is give peace a chance…
  • Graffiti is an artistic medium of visual expression painted or drawn on a wall or other surface.
  • Gonna be honest, I’m not sure what’s more colorful: the graffiti or this beautiful sunset.
  • What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, never forget that
  • Message me once you take a look at my GraffitiGraffiti, and I’ll respond ASAP.
  • I have no idea what this says, but it looks beautiful.
  • If you don’t like it, go make your own.
  • Living art.
  • Sketching is a way of life.
  • The only thing better than the art was the company
  • I’m just here for the Instagram likes.
  • Even the most gorgeous Graffiti Graffiti can be made better with a bit of spray paint.
  • Let’s spray-paint the town red – for Valentine’s Day!
  • I don’t speak Spanish, so I can’t read this–but it sure is gorgeous anyways!
  • Drawing is a direct way to communicate an idea.
  • When your phone is a mirror, and your mirror is also a camera, where do the selfie end and I begin?
  • Because sometimes a picture is worth another image
  • The best thing about living here are the colours
  • An outbreak of peace and love is coming. It starts with you. Spread some love today.
  • I’m not usually into graffiti, but this is incredible
  • Best sunsets in town
  • That feeling when you’re ready to make a splash with your creative side
  • Spring break is a time to live it up and relish the fact that summer is just around the corner. Celebrate by having fun with friends and participating in a wild adventure.
  • Let the art begin.
  • Fashion: it’s a way of life. . . Not just a few pretty clothes
  • It’s an art that’s ready for Instagram… a friendship with paint on a cup.
  • Slow down and take a breath. The world is moving too fast.
  • Let’s eat out, Stay in, Netflix and Chill.
  • Your dream doesn’t have to stay a dream.
  • I never understood why people thought graffiti was ugly until I moved to Mexico and learned what real art is.
  • A photo of a wall for the art-lover
  • For a New York-based brand that sells modern scooters.
  • Graffiti is an artistic mark made by a person, tapped on the wall or other surface.
  • Turn your day into art by creating your Graffiti on this cooler.
  • It’s a scream!
  • I can’t believe the lengths people will go to get the perfect shot
  • I’m not a piece of art, but living in this city makes me feel like one!
  • A little bit of creativity can get you far
  • I see you, and I love you.
  • It’s incredible the stuff you can build with Graff. It’s like making a sculpture that millions will see of people.
  • Gather ’round and take a look—one last time.
  • Entering the pink Zen zone
  • Don’t be afraid to make your mark.
  • To art or not to art
  • There’s good in this world
  • This wall was staring at me.
  • I chose this picture because it is an iconic street-art piece — always unique, clever, and thought-provoking.
  • Welcoming the weekends like…
  • You can spend hours just exploring this space — it’s a labyrinth of color that’s so much more than just a graffiti park.
  • Keeping it
  • Grab your besties, and get in touch with the art that is NYC.
  • The best art is made out of love and passion, not money and recognition.
  • Keep it fresh, and keep it accurate.
  • Those who dream create.
  • You’re a star.
  • Not all who wander are lost
  • There is never a better time for creativity.
  • Trying to find the perfect color for my mood today. You?
  • Nothing like the smell of paint to remind you how much fun you’re having in Miami!
  • Some love for SUMMER LOVIN’ on the walls.
  • We take our art very seriously.
  • Graffiti is the ultimate exercise in unapologetic self-expression.
  • It’s a celebration! Make a cocktail with actual celebrations and let the party begin.
  • Let me hold you tight, or these city lights will shine bright again, and I’ll be seeing stars.
  • By no means is tagging buildings illegal Art – New York.
  • You are bringing colour to life. The easiest way to make your voice heard is with Graffiti at a colourful and vivid time like this.
  • This one is my favorite—it’s just so peaceful and colorful!
  • Art is all around us. You just have to look for it.
  • Life is painted, not made. – Louis Kahn
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