Liquidity Ratio Calculator Online

Liquidity ratio is the ratio between total cash or current asset & pending things or liabilities; you may find the option if you own the calculator. The current asset refers to the fund & income both; on the other hand, the liabilities indicate the responsibilities & total spend that you can’t escape.

You must own the calculator to see the ratio & keep checking it in every unit of time (monthly & annually).

Quick Ratio Calculator

Current Assets:
Current Inventory:
Current Liabilities:
Quick Ratio:

Liquidity Quick Ratio Calculator

A B Change
Current assets:
Current Liabilities:
Cash Equivalents:
Current Ratio:
Quick Ratio:  
Cash Ratio:
Working capital:
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What are the Uses of Liquidity Ratio Online Calculator?

  • It will help you know the ratio & the current state of your company’s financial shares; it’s good if the ratio stays over 1.
  • A company or bank can make the best use of its liquid assets if the management does the calculation.

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