Expected Market Share Calculator Online

Market price share means how an organization or business earned a percentage on its market. We can measurement it 2 ways: By Units and also by revenues. Here have 2 calculators.


Enter sales Unit and total market units sales on first calculator. And if you want to use 2nd calculator then enter total Revenue and market revenue.

Market Share Calculator Online

Enter Sales Unit, Total Market Unit sales and hit anywhere.

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Market Share by Units Calculation

Market Share

Market Share by it’s Revenue Calculator

Enter Revenue, Market Revenue and hit anywhere.

Market Share by it’s Revenue Calculation

Market Share%

Market Share Formula:

Are you want to know that how to calculate the market share percentage? Here is the formula how to calculate market share.

The formula for market share by Units:

=(sales Unit ÷ total market unit sales) x 100%

The formula for market share by it’s Revenue:

=(Revenue ÷ Total Market Revenue) x 100%

Market Share Formula Example:

Example of market share formula how we calculated this example value on our calculator.

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By Units:

=(500 ÷ 2500 ) x 100%

=0.2 x 100%

By Revenue:

=(20000 / 52000) x 100%

=0.38…. x 100%

Market Price Per Share Online Calculator

How to Estimate Market Share for New Business:

You can estimate market share 2 ways:

  • By its sales unit
  • By its revenue

We define all formulas on upper section. Just follow that.

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