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MU calculator is used to calculate the gross production or income; it may also refer to the margin of used things in the business you are running. This function has made the manufacturers bring various models of calculator & they work differently, but don’t mix it up with memory unit.

Markup Calculator Online

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What Are the Uses of MU Calculator?

  • You can take the measurement or calculation to know the total investment or to mark up the assumed investment or total spent money.
  • You can increase or decrease the margin of investment in your business; so, you must have the calculator.
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How To Use MU in Calculator?

If you want to calculate the MU manually in the calculator then follow the below method. It’s really tough to calculate manually. Here you need to extra 2 calculation to get the MU.

Suppose cost is $50 and gross margin 80%.

Now use these formulas to calculate the MU.

Price= Cost ÷ (1 – Gross Margin)

Gross Profit= Price – Cost

Markup (MU)= (Gross Profit ÷ Cost) x 100%

Example for final MU:

Price = 50 ÷ (1 – .80)


Gross profit = 250 – 50

= 200

MU = (200 ÷ 50 ) x 100%

= 4 x 100%


Formula: How to Calculate Markup Percentage In Excel?

If you want to know that how to calculate markup percentage in excel then arrange a excel sheet like the below table.

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2Gross Margin:80%
4Gross profit:=B3-B1

Unfortunately still if you can’t understand then look at the below screenshot.

Mu Calculator Online

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