Sales Tax and Trade Discount Calculator

They are, in other words, also known as the shipping calculators. Promotions calculator designs the system in which they offer discounts to the customers. The key difference is that a promotion camouflages the charging prices as an offer reduced to a certain amount.

Sales Tax and Trade Discount Calculator

Type Original Price, Discount % and hit anywhere

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Sales Tax And Discount Calculator Result:

Without TAX:
You have to Pay:
With TAX:
You have to pay:

What are the Promotions Calculator used for?

The promotions calculator consists of mainly three types. They are as follows:

  • Flat Rate
  • Flexi Rate
  • Tiered Percent

A Flat Rate promotion calculator summarizes the full amount of order and then places a significant fixed discount on it.

The Flexi rate offers comparatively smooth amount of discount depending on the number of items that are bought.

A base amount is set for a constant order, if a customer crosses that base line, there will also be an increase in the discount. This exponential increase is noticed in the Tiered Percent promotion calculator.

How To Calculate Percentage Discount Using Calculator?

If you want to calculate the Percentage Discount Using Calculator in manually then follow the below formula.

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Suppose your bought product original price $22.95, You have got 25% discount and sales TAX% 5%.

Now see the formula how to calculate Percentage Discount and find the percentage discount price.

Discount percentage formula= Original Price - ( Discount% x Original Price ÷ 100)


=> 22.95 – (25% x 22.95 ÷ 100)

=> 22.95 – 5.7375

=> 17.21

So you have to Pay $17.21 (without TAX). But if you have to pay TAX also then follow the below process.

Discount percentage with TAX formula= Sales Tax x Discount Price + Discount Price

Now see how to calculate with TAX fee.


=> 5% x (17.21 + 17.21)

=> 18.07

Formula: How To Calculate Discount Percentage In Excel Sheet?

If you want to know that how to Calculate Discount Percentage in Excel then arrange a excel sheet like the below table.

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1Original Price:22.95
2Discount %25%
3Sales Tax %5%
4You have to pay:
5You have to pay with Tax:

Now use the formula on You have to pay cell (B4) =B1-(B2*B1)

If you have to pay Tax also then use the formula on B5 cell =B3*B4+B4

promotion percentage calculator

Finding The Original Price Given The Sale Price And Percent Discount:

If need to know that original price then follow the below formula.

Original price = Discounted price ÷ (1 – discount ÷ 100)

Firstly divide your discount price with 100 then minus it from 1. Then divide the discounted price by the number that you got in the first calculation.

Live Example:

=> 17.21 ÷ (1 – 25% ÷ 100)

=> 17.21 ÷ (1 – 0.25)

=> 17.21 ÷ 0.75

=> 22.95

How do you take 20% off a price in Excel?

If you want to take 20% off a product price in excel then follow the method: At first multiply discount% with original price then subtract it from the original price.
Suppose the original price O, Discount Price DP. Now see the equation.
DP= O – (20% x O)

Which Is Better Successive Discount of 40 And 30?

For flat 70% discount is standard and it’s better than 40 and 30.

How do you calculate 15% off?

I calculate by the following: Original price – (15% x Original price)
It can give me exact off percentage.

How Do You Calculate 5, 10, 25, 40 Percent Off?

Everything is the same just change the % value. So your formula is: Original price – ( discount% x original price)

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