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Return on marketing investment (ROMI) indicates how much you spend for different purposes of your business & how much you get on return; even a single cost that you have paid must be counted.

Therefore, you have to gather much information & need a calculator so that you can get every info accurately; the calculator has all buttons you will need.

ROMI Calculator

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ROMI Calculation

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Marketing Campaign Profit:
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What are the Uses of ROMI Calculator?

Let’s see the things you can do with a ROMI Calculator:

  • First of all, you can identify if your company is running in loss or profit & how much return you are getting.
  • Secondly, you can control the investment in a specific area if you think the spendings are excessive according to you.

Return On Marketing Investment Formula:

If you want to know that how to calculate ROMI then you need to calculate baseline profit, Marketing Campaign Profit, profit with marketing cost, and campaign uplift.

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See the below all steps how to to these and get the ROMI.

Suppose, Campaign revenue $120000, Campaign Cost of Goods Sold $110000, Marketing cost $2900, Baseline revenue $24000, Campaign revenue $120000, Baseline cost of goods sold $22000

How to find the Baseline Profit?

Follow the formula to find the Baseline profit= Baseline revenue – Baseline Cost of Goods Sold

Baseline Profit Example:

=24000 – 22000


How to find the Marketing Campaign Profit?

Follow the formula to find the Marketing Campaign Profit= Campaign Revenue – Campaign Cost of Goods Sold

Marketing campaign Profit Example:

=120000 – 100000


How to calculate the Profit with Marketing Cost?

By following the formula calculate the Profit With marketing Cost= Marketing Campaign Profit – Marketing Cost

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Profit With marketing Cost Example:

=10000 – 2900


How to calculate the Campaign Uplift?

By following the rule calculate the Campaign Uplift= Profit with Marketing Cost – Baseline Profit

Campaign Uplift Example:

=7100 – 2000


How to calculate the ROMI:

Now follow the simple formula to get the ROMI= (Campaign Uplift ÷ Marketing Cost) x 100%

Return on Marketing Investment Example:

=(5100 ÷ 2900) x 100%

=1.7586 x 100%


What is a good ROI for digital marketing?

5:1 refers to good ROI for digital marketing campaign.

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