Sell-Through Percentage Calculator

Sell Through Rates means to calculate how many products have been sold in a period of time; it could be monthly, quarterly, and yearly. You can use this calculator for Amazon FBA, eBay, and any other industries.

Sell-Through Percentage Calculator

Enter Sold Units, Beginning of Month Inventory and hit anywhere

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Sell-Through Percentage Calculation

Sell Through Rate Calculation:

What is a Good Sell Through Percentage in Retail:

Above 80% sell-through percentage in retail is a good number. If your sell through rate between 40% to 80% plus, it’s okay. But your sell through ratio is below 40%; then it’s concerning. So, try to scale up.

How to Calculate Sell Through Rate?

You can easily calculate the sell through rate manually. You just need to divide sold units by beginning of month inventory and multiply it by 100%.

Sell Through Rate Formula:

If you want to know that how our online calculator calculate the percentage or if you want to do it manually then follow the below rule.

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Sell through rate = ( sold units / beginning of Month Inventory) x 100%

Sell Thru Example:+

Suppose sold units 500 and beginning of month inventory is 50.

=(5000 / 50 ) x 100%

=1,000‬ x 100%


Calculate Sell Through Rate in Excel:

If you want to calculate sell thru on excel then arrange like the below table and change the values.

1Sold Units:5000
2Beginning of Month Inventory:50
3Sell-Through Percentage:=(B1/B2)*100%

Excel Sell Thru Formula:

Excel and our calculator follow the same formula. The formula is:

= ( sold units / beginning of Month Inventory) * 100%

For better understand follow the screenshot:

Sell-Through Percentage Calculator
Sell-Through Percentage Calculator

Amazon Sell-Through Rate Calculation:

You can calculate the amazon sell-through rate by our calculator or manually. To calculate manually, follow the formula:

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Amazon sells through rate= (Sold units ÷ Beginning of Month Inventory) x 100%

How to Improve Sell Through on Amazon:

To improve sell through rate on amazon you can follow these.

  1. Optimize Your Title
  2. Improve Product Photos
  3. Follow Amazon’s Rules and Terms of Service
  4. Sync Your Inventory
  5. Don’t Skimp on Keywords.
  6. Guard Yourself Against Competitors
  7. Take Feedback carefully

How to Calculate Sell Through Rate on eBay?

You can easily calculate sell through rate on eBay by this formula:

eBay sell through rate= (sold units) ÷ (completed units) x 100

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