Wanderlust Movie Quotes

The Wanderlust Movie is a 2012 American comedy-drama film directed by David Wain. The movie centers around George and Linda, a married couple who are forced to leave their comfortable life in New York City after George is downsized from his job.

The couple ends up moving to a rural commune named Elysium where they live with a group of hippies. The movie follows their journey as they attempt to “find themselves” while living in this new environment. Here are some of our favorite quotes from the movie:

Quotes from Wanderlust Movie

George: You want me to enter this data?

Rick: You questioning me? Don’t question me.

George: Are you serious?

Rick: Am I seri…you’re fired. You’re rehired, consider that a warning shot.

    Linda: I can fly. I believe I can fly, George. George: Metaphorically, I believe you can fly. Literally, you can’t fly! Linda: I believe I can fly. George: You know what, if you’re going to get literal with an R. Kelly song, do “Trapped in the Closet.” You can’t break your neck if you’re trapped in a closet.

    Wayne: My name’s Wayne by the way. I’m a nudist. George: Oh yes, we noticed your penis earlier. Wayne: Touche.

    Karen: I can’t believe you’re going to sit here and puke your lies all over us. Linda: What? Karen: If I wanted my face covered in lies, I would still be in porn, right.

    George: I am ready to have sex.

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Wanderlust Movie Quotes
Wanderlust Movie Quotes

    Rodney: So, I’m light on your biography. Where are you from? (As he and George are sitting on side-by-side toilets) George: Is it cool if maybe we talk about this later?

    Eva: I know New York is a great city, but I do not miss that lifestyle at all. I mean it was just stress, and Blackberries, and sleeping pills. I used to drink a triple latte every morning just to wake up. Linda: Well, I see your point, but I kind of value the sleeping pill and the Blackberry and the latte. Seth: You know you can really get trapped in that web of beepers and Zenith televisions and Walkmens and discmens and floppy discs and zip drives, laser discs, answering machines and Nintendo Power Glove… Linda: Wow, you know so much about technology.

    Eva: Oh George, I like you. George: I like you too Eva. Eva: We should make love sometime.

    Seth: The only thing getting ax murdered are my anxieties, tensions and fears. Speaking figuratively of course. I’m against violence of any kind.

    George: What happened? Rodney: I took our car over to town, came back around the back road and boom — cut to: in the pond. George: What exactly happened? Rodney: I took our car to town, came back, boom, cut to: in the pond. George: No don’t cut to in the pond, don’t cut! Rodney: I’m with you man.

    Linda: We were convinced someone was getting ax murdered.

    George: All these people live here. This is a commune. Seth: We prefer ‘intentional community.’ We’re not a bunch of hippies sitting around playing guitar

    Linda: That was pure magic. Who wrote that? Seth: You did. Linda: (Whispers) I didn’t. Seth: That’s like saying like, “Did you make that coffee?” It’s like, “No, I didn’t make that coffee.” I’m just the coffee pot. You’re the beans.

    Seth (to Linda): If you want to pick a fight with your sexual chi, it’s just going to drive it inwards – and that invites disease, and death. George: Man, not a fan of death. Almond (very, very pregnant): People treat sex like it’s this huge deal with crazy life consequences…

    Traffic Reporter: Hey, Tina maybe if they ever build this casino these hippies can will the jackpot and buy themselves some shirts. Tina: It’s certainly possible. Weather Reporter: Hey, Tina, will you let us know if you’re ever planning on protesting a casino. Traffic Reporter: Hey, Tina, they’re building a casino at my place later tonight. Tina: Okay, nailed it. New Reporter: Tina, I don’t think any of us would protest if you unexpectedly took off your shirt.

    Seth: I just like to begin my day with a little primal gesticulating.

    Carvin: Just remember, money buys nothing. George: Well, nothing important. Carvin: No, no: Money literally buys nothing. George: I think you mean metaphorically. Carvin: No, literally, nothing. George: Literally, money buys most things. Carvin: No, nothing. Are you saying… George: Well I’m saying…..you’re right. Money pays for nothing. (Carvin starts to wheel off) But not, literally…

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